How to play with and care for slime

To keep your slime looking new, always wash and dry your hands before playing and play with your slime on a clean, non-porous surface! Remember, the more you play with slime, the softer it will become so always knead your slimes a bit to get the perfect texture! 

Don’t forget to close it back in it’s container or an air tight container when your done so it doesn't dry out.

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What is the borax and how do i activate my slime?

The boraz casn be used to make slime less sticky. Simply add 1/2 cuip of warm water to the borax included in your Squishi Slime package, stir until the liquid is mixed in completely, and test on the slime. Is it still sticky? Keep addiding little by little until the desired texture has been reached!

My slime is too sticky!

Slime can become sticky especially in hot weather or if it has been sitting for a long time, this is unavoidable but fixable! Simply use the borax included in your Squishi Slime package once, mix the borax with warm watter, and add it in little by little. Then test the slime. Is it still sticky? Repeat the process until the desired texture has been reached! Be careful not to use too much or you slime may get hard.

If you need more activator, you can purchase it from our website, or make it from home! A big box of borax is $5 at target or other grocery locations. Simply mix 1/2 cup hot water to 1 tablespoon borax, stir until dissolved.

My slime is not stretchy or stiff

Not to worry! Slimes can become especially stiff feeling in colder weather, or if they don't melt enough in hot weather.

Some things you can use to fix this are lotion, hand sanitizer, hair gel, or microwaving it for a few seconds! These will all help it "melt" back down a bit to your desired texture.

NOTE: do not add lotion to clear glue slime as it will make it foggy

You can also leave it in a warm dry place while the slime softens.

Slime became overactivated or stiff after using the included Borax

Sounds like you added too much activator to your slime! No worries, just seal your slime up and leave in a warm, dry place until it softens. This process should take anywhere from a few days to a few months, depending on how overactivated the product is.